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Get To Know Me!

Emilie Surtees is a Vocalist & Songwriter based in New York City, NY.  She has cultivated a grassroots following and a successful career through her myriad of Musical Tribute Shows to some of the most Iconic & Loved Artists of our time. 

She has an infectious personality and laughs easily, infusing her characteristics into her performances to the delight of her audiences.  When you attend an Emilie Surtees performance [referred to as An Emilie Surtees Experience], one is sure to not only have a great meal, but to have a great time!

Emilie Surtees' vocals flow through the R&B/Soul/Pop/Jazz/Pop Rock/& Contemporary Music genres effortlessly and  takes her supportive fans on an exciting & endless musical ride that keeps them engaged & coming back to enjoy themselves show after show.

They often bring their friends & family to enjoy the experience as there's constantly unexpected laughter and so much fun at an Emilie Surtees performance.

Emilie Surtees has written and co-produced all of the songs on her original music debut CD "Reflections of You".  You can take a listen to and purchase her Original Music right here on the MUSIC Page of this website.


"Supporting an Independent Original Music artist, who writes his/her own songs, is one of the best ways to peek into his/her soul and emotional journeys" says Emilie Surtees.

We hope that you continue to support Emilie Surtees by coming to her live performances, bringing friends & family, buying her original music, and of course reaching out, via this website, whenever you or someone you know, is looking for live music at a public or private event.

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