Emilie Surtees


~ Obsession  (Lyrics By Emilie Surtees)


testimony 1:

i try to convince myself it’s only just a thing – but i’ve had these feelings for so long – caught up in reverie – it’s time to face reality well i don’t know – all i can see is your face – i don’t know – how i need to feel your face

now i wonder if you’ll need me to remind you that your key’s on the table or should – i arrange your books by size – and then i’ll call you that would be nice


and now that we know our love is for real – i know that you care it shows


you share a part of me – there’s no way to know where you begin and my heart ends – and in time it will reveal – that our love is not surreal – once you feel the love that emanates from me – then you’ll see – oh yeah

testimony 2

i only want to reside in your dreams – and have a place to call my own – and if i happen upon dormant needs – it’ll awaken all the passion meant to be


once we’re together you watch our love unfold - a destiny fore told - it’s just a matter of time - it’s not just all in my mind - is it so wrong to want to belong

sometimes it’s too much to bear – sitting in this lonely space so out of place  wondering will you be coming for me – somehow I gotta let you – let you know how - let you know how i feel - let you know that it’s real – then you’ll see

 from the CD " Reflections of You " , copyright 2010

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