Emilie Surtees


~ Melancholy Rain (Lyrics By Emilie Surtees)


testimony 1:

you ask me how I feel

i tell you that i’m fine

and though my words are real

i haven’t said what’s really on my mind


lead-in 1:

suddenly i am at a loss

my heart has no recourse

my sensibilities lost

in the cause



and yet my love for you remains

underneath the Melancholy Rain

where you’ll find a love growing inside my heart

though we are worlds apart

what will ever stop

the Melancholy Rain on my heart


testimony 2:

the time when we first met

i knew i needed you

you harbored such regret

to dry your tears was all that I could do


lead-in 2:

and every time I tried to say it

the hurt got in the way of it

and so I lose this game

that we play


from the CD " Reflections of You " , copyright 2010  

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