Emilie Surtees


~ I Just Wanna Be Loved  (Lyrics By Emilie Surtees)

testimony 1:

you say i always want to have everything my way – and that you’re moody cause i think i know so much – is it at all fair to assume that it would be ok – when you question my intentions for your trust

lead-in 1:

should i only speak my mind when i agree with you – should i never express feelings of my own – should i always keep inside frustrations anger and my fears cause you had a long day again


i know it’s fear you feel in your heart – how can you be sure that your love is enough – don’t want to give yourself away – well if you want to know the truth - I Just Wanna Be Loved

testimony 2:

can’t you see that what we have is gonna fall apart – if you don’t open up and give our love a chance – try as you may to deny the truth and then run away to protect your heart – i refuse to believe you won’t concede to this romance

lead-in 2:

shall i give you all that i am with a guarantee – should i tip toe ‘round your insecurities – shall i commandeer a space ship and fly us to the moon so we can be all alone


don’t let fear take hold of you – on the wall i see the writing – i won’t let your faulty insights tear this apart – i won’t let you break us apart - you know that i love you and we’ve built something good

here is where you take the chance -  here is where you make a stand - there’s no denying what we feel – no – don’t trip up on our love


 from the CD " Reflections of You " , copyright 2010


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