Emilie Surtees


~ It's All A Masquerade  (Lyrics By Emilie Surtees)


testimony 1:

can we talk for a while – it’s time we thought about the tides of tomorrow - holding on to what we know can’t last forever – leaves us with an aching void found deep inside us

we simply can’t ignore – the heart’s unspoken truth – that lingers in our soul - because the moment we try will cause unending pain - our love is not the same - nor will it ever be again


i just can’t find that old familiar loving – and i can’t go on playing this charade - you see me smile but look closely now my darling   and you will find it’s all a masquerade

testimony 2:

no one’s to blame for these discontented feelings – somehow it all just seemed to disappear – hiding all the pain inside promises just one thing – a day when it’s all released a whirlwind of emotions

oh darling you must know - that we must ease this pain inside our hearts - or hate each other – cause from what’s inside we find we can’t run away – no words can quite explain - why my love for you has changed


it’s only a matter of time before we find ourselves lost to each other - i know that you need me boy so i don’t know how to let you go - some people feel that only what’s real is the only thing that matters - can’t you feel our love slipping away slipping through our hands


we chose the paths of least resistance instead of honesty and courage – well take a look where it’s lead us to – and you will find it’s all a masquerade



 from the CD " Reflections of You " , copyright 2010

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