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March Madness For Real!!!

Posted by Emilie Surtees on March 29, 2020 at 5:05 PM

Now Is An Incredibly Uncertain & Challenging Time, Not Only For Us Individually, But Internationally.....Globally.  We've Been Asked To Do Our Part To Overcome This Challenge & I Believe That With Each Other's Support, Motivation, & Inspiration, We Will Do Just That. 

Now Is Another One Of Those Times To Make Lemonade Out Of Lemons;  Reach Out To Family Members & Friends You've Been Meaning To Call But "Never Had The Time', Clean Out That Closet, Go Through Paperwork You've Been Meaning To Get To, Write A Song, Start Reading That Book You've Been Meaning To Read, Experiment With Cooking, Start/Finish That Project, etc.  Follow The CDC Guidlines And Think Positively. 

For This TOO Shall Pass. 

For Those Of Us Who Have Already Lost Someone We Knew And/Or Who Know Someone Who Has Contracted The COVID-19 Virus, Let Us Pray For Their Complete & Speedy Recovery And For A Restful Soul To Those Who Have Passed On. 

None Of This Is Easy, But We Have Been Given Inner Strength For A Reason.  We Must Tap Into It, Especially Now, And Use It To Comfort Ouselves And To Comfort Others. 

A HUGE Thank You To Those In The Medical Profession & At Hospitals/Clinics Who Show Up To Do Their Respective Jobs, THANK YOU To Those Who Continue To Work At The Post Office, At The Supermarkets, To The Bus & Subway Operators, At The Gas Stations, The Police & Fire Departments, Garbage Disposal Operators, etc. 

We Also Thank Our Creditors Who Have Given Us More Time To Pay Our Bills Without Cutting Our Services. 

Working Together, Having Compassion, Following The CDC Guidlines, Helping In Anyway We Can, Safely, Will Bring Us Through This Incredibly Challenging Time.

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